A sign at a hotel pointing the way to a class called Men's Divorce School

“Divorce School for Men” is a sign of the times, notes Rebecca Ryan. Here, she discusses four trends impacting the future of marriage and divorce.

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Spacey w Blood on Hands House of Cards

Tomorrow, Netflix will release the entire second season of House of Cards. Fans of the show (including this one) are rescheduling Valentine’s Day around it, but there’s something much bigger going on: large scale disruption. Netflix is putting traditional television out of business. It has seen the future of television, and it’s binge-watching.

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Snowmageddon Atlantic

What does Snowmageddon in Atlanta teach us?

America is a different country than it was when Henry Ford rolled out his first model T. We’re moving to cities. The next generation eschews the auto. And commutes are killing us. We have to admit that when it comes to transportation, the car may’ve been the wrong bet.

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RR winter via Front Street

America goes through seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Rebecca Ryan explains we’re in winter now, and what it means to turn from winter to spring.

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If a child is born poor in your city, what’s the likelihood of her or him reaching the middle class or growing wealthy? Five drivers for social mobility…

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One person. One tool. A big difference.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.08.22 PM

Rebecca Ryan sits down with Neil Heinen and editor Brennan Nardi to talk about her book, ReGENERATION.

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Change-makers like you, reader, are the reason we get outta bed every morning. Here are seven trends, hand-picked by us, that will inspire you…and help you in your change-makin’ efforts.

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Now through Tuesday, December 31, 2013, get bulk discounts on 6, 12, or 29 copies of ReGENERATION by Rebecca Ryan

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A close up of the US Constitution, courtesy of thenewamericanspirit.com

Most countries update their constitutions every 19 years. In Iceland they scrapped the whole thing and started over in 2011. Although we’ve amended our Constitution 27 times, we Americans are working with a document written by white dudes over 200 years ago, a time of horse drawn carriages and the pony express. How does it hold up in a country of driverless cars and twitter? Rebecca Ryan offers five ideas to upgrade the U.S. Constitution.

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