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Rebecca Ryan


Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug.

Part futurist, part economist, and always engaging, Rebecca is one of America’s most influential thought leaders, helping cities and companies think around the corner to what’s next.

Rebecca Ryan is the author of ReGENERATION: A Manifesto for America’s Future Leaders (2013) and Live First, Work Second: Getting Inside the Head of the Next Generation (2007). As founder and coowner of Next Generation Consulting, Ryan leads the team that best-selling author Richard Florida calls, “One of the most reliable sources for leaders who want to attract and retain the next generation of creative workers.

Ryan is the Resident Futurist at the Alliance for Innovation and a Senior Fellow at CEOs for Cities. She serves on the board of the World Academy for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise (WAE2) and has also been named:

  • Top 100 Most Influential People, Accounting Today
  • Communicator of the Year, Women in Communication
  • Woman of Influence, Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Ryan lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


Recent Posts by Rebecca Ryan
A close up of the US Constitution, courtesy of thenewamericanspirit.com

Most countries update their constitutions every 19 years. In Iceland they scrapped the whole thing and started over in 2011. Although we’ve amended our Constitution 27 times, we Americans are working with a document written by white dudes over 200 years ago, a time of horse drawn carriages and the pony express. How does it hold up in a country of driverless cars and twitter? Rebecca Ryan offers five ideas to upgrade the U.S. Constitution.

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